What Inpatient Services Will Medicare Cover?

Under Original Medicare, you get coverage for inpatient healthcare services, specifically under Medicare Part A. Medicare Part A covers inpatient care received in facilities such as hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. It is important to note that Part A does not offer coverage for long-term care or custodial care. 

In this guide, we’ll explain the inpatient services that are covered under Medicare.

Inpatient Services Covered by Medicare

Medicare Part A covers inpatient services such as general nursing care, semi-private rooms, drugs you received during inpatient care, supplement hospital supplies, and other services that are medically required during your inpatient stay.

You can also get skilled nursing facility coverage through Medicare Part A. Part A provides coverage for skilled nursing facility care after a qualifying 3-day inpatient hospital stay. The health condition must require skilled daily care that can only be received at a skilled nursing facility. Skilled nursing facility care coverage under Medicare includes skilled nursing care, meals, a semi-private room, medical supplies, medical social services, nutrition counseling, drugs administered during your stay at the facility, and ambulance transportation when medically necessary. 

Apart from skilled nursing facility care, Medicare also covers hospice care for terminally ill beneficiaries. Medicare Part A covers hospice care received in either an inpatient facility or at home. To receive coverage for hospice care, the doctor must certify that the beneficiary is terminally ill and has a certain number of months to live. The beneficiary must also accept palliative care. 

To receive Medicare coverage for inpatient care, you can receive your care from:

  • An acute care hospital
  • A critical access hospital
  • An inpatient rehabilitation facility
  • An inpatient psychiatric facility
  • A long-term care hospital

What is Not Covered?

Some services are not covered under Medicare Part A. For example, Medicare does not cover long-term care or custodial care. It does not cover private duty nursing, personal care items, phones in the room, and a private room unless it is medically necessary.

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