What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Life can become overwhelming if you find yourself without health insurance coverage. There are events that can lead to you losing your health insurance policy, giving you nowhere else to turn. Thankfully, there is an option for situations like this – short term health insurance.

Why Do I Need Short Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance is a temporary policy that you can obtain while you’re searching for a permanent health insurance plan.

Situations that can qualify you for short term health insurance enrollment include:

  • Losing employer health insurance
  • Losing your job
  • No longer being eligible for your spouse’s group health plan due to divorce
  • You do not qualify for an Affordable Care Act plan Special Enrollment Period

But coverage loss isn’t always the reason for getting short term health insurance. It’s also useful if you already have health insurance, but your health insurance policy has yet to take effect. When you enroll in short term health insurance, you’ll have a policy that can become effective the very day you sign up for it.

What Does Short Term Health Insurance Cover?

Short term health insurance coverage is typically reserved for emergencies as long as they’re not related to a pre-existing medical condition. This is a policy you can have strictly for worst-case scenarios.

What Does It Not Cover?

While not all policies are the same, there are some coverage items that are commonly missing from short term health insurance policies.

Most short term health plans do not cover prescription medications, mental health services, or substance abuse treatment.

No short term health plan will cover maternity care.

The reason why it has restrictions that other plans don’t have in place is because short term health insurance is not affiliated with the Affordable Care Act, and it does not have to follow its guidelines as a result of this.

How Long Does The Coverage Last?

Short term health insurance is renewable, and it can last up to three years with these renewals. 

How Much Does Short Term Health Insurance Cost?

This policy is relatively inexpensive, providing immediate coverage for roughly $124 per month.

Help Is One Call Away

At KBI Solutions, we’re here to provide coverage when you have nowhere else to turn, because we believe that you should always have health coverage. Whether it’s a policy you need forever or just for the time being, we are happy to find the perfect plan for you. Call us today at (254) 918-5444.