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Medicare and Long-Term Care: What Are Your Options?

Many Medicare policyholders may also need long-term care, but Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care. Long-term care consists of services aimed at assisting in everyday life rather than treating or diagnosing medical conditions. Despite Medicare’s lack of long-term care coverage, you still have options.

What Is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care involves helping individuals unable to accomplish everyday tasks on their own. These tasks are known as “activities of daily living,” which include bathing, using the bathroom, getting dressed, eating, and moving from one place to another. Individuals more likely to need long-term care include those who are disabled, elderly, or suffer a serious cognitive impairment due to a condition such as Alzheimer’s.

Long-term care can take place in a nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care center, or private residence. This type of care can be provided by a facility’s staff members, family, and friends.

Why Doesn’t Medicare Cover Long-Term Care?

Medicare covers medical services conducted by trained, licensed professionals in the medical field. These individuals can provide the best guidance in treating conditions and minimizing complications. They have the power to prescribe medications. Medical services are typically confined to hospitals and outpatient clinics. Medicare will cover the medical devices you use and your medications, but not the cost of the caregiver who helps you use the medical equipment and take medications.

Long-term care isn’t medical care. It can be done by anyone capable of providing assistance, with or without a medical license. This type of care focuses on activities rather than medical conditions. Since it doesn’t meet Medicare’s criteria for inpatient or outpatient care, it isn’t covered.

What Are My Options For Long-Term Care Coverage?

You can get long-term care benefits through Medicaid or private long-term care insurance policies. Enrolling in these policies won’t cause an issue with your Medicare plan if you have one.

If you’re considering Medicaid, you need to check with your state. Every state has its own income requirements for Medicaid coverage. If you cannot qualify for Medicaid, you can get long-term insurance through a provider in your area.

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